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Jay Burkholder


I am a Mental Health Therapist working with adolescents in a school setting, and also work with individuals, couples, and families at an outpatient office in North Wales, PA. As a Licensed Social Worker, I have the opportunity to journey with others as they work through challenging experiences. The human spirit and our ability to overcome adversity, even horrendous trauma, continually amazes me. I believe learning occurs in our relationship with self, others and the environment.

I met Mariah at a training weekend, and felt a resonance with her and her work. After graduating from her Pennsylvania Gestalt Center Training program, I use Mariah’s construct of “Arriving Already Loved,” both personally and with others every day. I am excited to be part of a team that continues to expand Mariah’s vision of having everyone “Arrive Already Loved.”

My best teachers are my wife of forty years, Tina, and our children and grandchildren. With Tina, I am learning a depth of love beyond feeling, and our children and grandchildren continually teach me curiosity, and to step out in greater confidence and strength.

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