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– Easter Ham –

When I was in college at Villanova University, a Catholic school, everyone was required to take a religion class every year. The first class in my senior year, a young priest showed up, and after writing his name on the board, proceeded to reach into a box and take a bunch of communion wafers and toss them out into the room.
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— Your Life is Your Kingdom —

Dear Friends of the Foundation, Mariah had a knack for shopping for clothes. And so, even with ALS, she was always dressed to the nines. This was a part of her resiliency; ignoring her disability and moving forward to do…

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It Has Been Two Years

It has been two years since Mariah died. I still struggle with understanding it, though some might think it was inevitable. I never did. Nor did she. I’ve been rereading “Man’s Search For Meaning” by Viktor Frankl. It’s about a…

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