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Ron at CCALS new Retreat House with Volunteer Michael Hodgkins

Winter 2021 Newsletter

I’m currently reading a book, Four Seasons in Rome, by Anthony Doerr, about a family that spends a year in Rome with their newborn twins. The book relates current and historical Rome, and I’m always fascinated by that time connection. But what I’m continually relating to is the author’s awareness of time and place
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– Easter Ham –

When I was in college at Villanova University, a Catholic school, everyone was required to take a religion class every year. The first class in my senior year, a young priest showed up, and after writing his name on the board, proceeded to reach into a box and take a bunch of communion wafers and toss them out into the room.
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— Your Life is Your Kingdom —

Dear Friends of the Foundation, Mariah had a knack for shopping for clothes. And so, even with ALS, she was always dressed to the nines. This was a part of her resiliency; ignoring her disability and moving forward to do…

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Winter 2020 Newsletter

This year has been a difficult one and I’m sure you feel it too. There has been and continues to be a destructive pandemic which has killed over 1.6 million people worldwide and more than 304,000 in the United States as of this writing.
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It Has Been Two Years

It has been two years since Mariah died. I still struggle with understanding it, though some might think it was inevitable. I never did. Nor did she. I’ve been rereading “Man’s Search For Meaning” by Viktor Frankl. It’s about a…

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Winter 2018 Newsletter

This year has been a very difficult one for me personally and for our Foundation to weather. Mariah passed away on July 7th of 2018. After an extraordinarily successful campaign of workshops and talks through the Foundation in 2017...
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Fall 2017 Newsletter

This year, our goal has been to expand deeper and wider into our local and global communities with this ideas that drive the Foundation: delivering better access to Mariah and the soul of her teachings. Recent example: Mariah's May TEDx Talk, Arrive Already Loved™.
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Newsletter 2015

Winter 2015 Newsletter

Many years ago, when Mariah was still driving, she backed our large window van into a tree. Not a large crash, but enough to bend the rear bumper into a slight “V” shape. Certainly drivable, but also slightly unsightly. Six months later, I was driving the van...
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