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Josette Cicacci, Secretary

Josette Cicacci


Josette Cicacci, PTA, has her formal training in exercise physiology and physical therapy. Josette expanded her knowledge of the physical body through extensive study on the technique of myofascial release…

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Marianne Kaplan, Vice President

Marianne Kaplan

Vice President

Marianne Kaplan is an experienced consultant and executive coach. She graduated from the Pennsylvania Gestalt Center in 2005, and later served as an assistant to Mariah Fenton Gladis for several…

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Ron Gladis, President

Ron Gladis

"I’ve been somehow gifted with the ability to see the big picture in life. I want others to see this as well, and envision and embrace what is possible in their lives."
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“When we are unforgiving and bitter, we are carrying rage and resentment and housing it in our bodies where it can cause immeasurable damage. I can’t afford that and neither can you. When we forgive someone, we don’t exonerate their behavior, we give ourselves the permission to let go and put down a great weight we have been carrying. The beneficial effects of forgiveness ripple out to our physical health and to all our relationships.”

Mariah Fenton Gladis

“Your relationship with yourself is the heart of all emotional health and aliveness and the bedrock upon which all other relationships rest. The essential foundation of being loved is to first love yourself.”

Mariah Fenton Gladis

“After 37 years as a practicing psychotherapist, I whole-heartedly believe that knowledge of mending emotional damage and living a healthy life should not be reserved for professionals but disseminated into the general population.

It takes healthy people with this know-how to create and maintain productive and harmonious relationships in their families, their community and the world.”

Mariah Fenton Gladis

“Thank you so much for such an enlightening day. I cannot tell you how impressed I am not only with Mariah but with the love that surrounds her. I am so grateful that I was able to attend and I hope to become a regular! Thanks And God Bless!”

Eileen S.

“I was touched during the piece Mariah did on self-love, modeling how to be with and talk to ourselves from a deep place of loving. Hearing her words and feeling the love with which she spoke to herself was transformative for me. I’ve heard the term self-love forever and it’s always been vague. I’ve worked with “talking to my inner child” and that’s gone only so far. This conversation that Mariah was having with herself was a conversation of her to her. It was adult, it was supportive, it was loving, it was unconditional love and intention manifest in words and touch (she was stroking her leg as she spoke to herself by name).

Thank you so much for a beautiful afternoon of healing; I loved being in community with all of those dear people, and I feel a strong renewal of love energy right now.”

Sandy F.

“I really appreciated the workshop. I gained an appreciation for what accepting, forgiving, and not obsessing can do for me, and for the world! And all for free, wonderful. So thoughtful and generous.”

Maureen M.

“I’ve made a commitment to practice loving myself, saying no, and meditating.”

Donna B.

“The workshop was offered with a warm and generous gesture of what we are all striving for in becoming human.”

Debra F.

“The experience moved me forward in the next step toward an active act of forgiveness.”

Linda H.

“This is my new practice, talking to myself, supporting myself with words of love a few times a day. I’m clear that it is just what I need to cleanse the internal landscape of my mind.”

Henry F.

“The number one issue the workshop address for me was self-forgiveness. So often we are much more inclined to forgive others without including our self in the process. Somehow we go unconscious about this.”

Peggy E.

“The experience was moving and powerful. It was a great reminder of how freeing the act and process of forgiving is for the human heart.”

Peggy E.

“I wish I could have stayed in that room forever! The amount of love coming from everyone in that room… well, I have never experienced something so beautiful, cleansing and necessary.”

Sonia P.
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